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Aspen Blossom – Yep I ate one!

May 29, 2023 | Blog, Personal, Spiritual, Wellness, Yin-care

Oh my goodness, I absolutely did. I ate an aspen blossom. It dawned on me in wanting to share this beautiful merging of the aspens DNA and intricate elemental codes with those in my body, that many might be rather worried for me!

When you read this, what is your initial reaction? Were you indeed worried for me?  Was your initial reaction that it could possibly be poisonous? Why might many have that reaction? What have we been taught, told…or just known that leads us to feel that the aspen blossom – of which we likely know very little – could be poisonous.

Somewhere inside of us there might be a sense that I should know better. I should know that I might get sick, and I shouldn’t do that. And by the way, how was I raised?

Well I was a wild child. I wish I could find this incredible picture that my parents have of me. I think I am riding a tricycle and my hair is everywhere. I think I am maybe 2 years old.  It would seem in that photo that I crawled out of the earth. Tangled wild hair. Head held back giggling. Naked and free…dirt covering my skin. My joyful smile told it all…I was ecstatic to be here. I know for a fact that I had no concept of division between myself and nature at the time of this picture. I definitely was nature.

We had a small path that went in a circle in our back yard and in the center was a bird bath. The path had small flowers. I especially remember the alyssum and grape hyacinth growing next to each other. I remember talking to them and their fairy counterparts. We had so much fun! I would just ride in circles and stop and play with them and maybe pick a couple.

Then there was a very long period where I remember internalizing a fear of nature. Don’t get lost in a forest…a sense that the only safe place is a suburban community. Any noises that were unexpected were cause for alarm. I actually called the police one time when I heard noises in my back yard, come to find out they were a family of deer seeking sanctuary for the night. How horribly embarrassing!

This truly programmed fear of nature was in full force for many years. And so here’s the rub…if I am nature…that’s how I was born…and there is no separation between me and nature – we are one, then this programmed fear is a fear of myself! A fear that I cannot trust myself. That is deep, right?

Slowly this truly “unnatural” fear was unwound through many experiences where I began to sense that there was something truly wrong about not trusting myself and not trusting nature. So I began with baby steps…trusting myself…trusting nature. Trusting myself that I could make good, healthy sound choices for my wellbeing. Trusting that the bounty of nature had much to offer through beauty by sight and through imbibing of their edible offerings…fruits, teas and the like. I began to achieve extremely significant improvement in my wellbeing with these practices.

So today, when I sat outside under the sacred aspens in my back yard, and I was writing in my journal, an aspen blossom found its way into my cup of tea. I didn’t see it fall, I didn’t see it land. I reached for my cup of tea, and took a sip only to find that an aspen blossom was in my mouth. But instead of spitting it out, I realized that the tree had gifted this blossom to me. It was soft and fresh and I chewed it. I chewed it consciously with quiet focused attention assimilating this amazing tree’s DNA into my own.

My connection with the aspens is now richer, deeper. Come to think of it, it was probably gifting me back. After all, I did water them last week with the blood from my new moon menstrual flow. How perfectly beautiful that we are both making offerings!

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