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This page is going to be a page you will want to book mark FOR SURE! Here you will find fabulous practitioners doing AMAZING things to help you get the Yin-care® that you are needing to move you every closer to full and vibrant vitality. We all have to start somewhere.  It’s often times through small little baby steps that we make huge shifts in our health.  Here you will employ your womb wisdom to guide you to your next best step in your health-evolution. YOU are your own best guide.

YOU are the true universal health care!

If we all could just pay attention to what is best for us and make the changes we need for ourselves we can truly re-orient the what we currently know as health care. Here’s what you will be able to find!


  • Current list of practitioners who are currently well stocked with Yin-care®’s Herbal Wash near YOU – ability to sort by Zip Code
  • Practitioners/Professionals who have been interviewed on The Yin-care® Podcast
  • Yin-care® approved Practitioners & Professionals who have courses or affiliate links with COUPON CODES for you to get the affordable health care you need
  • Vitality infused products that get the Yin-care® stamp of approval
  • Ways to research what you need based on what part of your womanly life phase you are in

We are so very excited! We can’t wait to flesh this out for you! Be sure to sign up on our email list so we can keep you in the loop!

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