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WHAT IS Yin-care®?

True in nature that one cannot describe Yin without describing Yang. The two are paired inextricably explaining the vital cosmological forces of the universe. There is a beauty and simplicity as well in the dynamic play of these two fun loving descriptors of energetic qualities and movements.

Reduction of the terms brings to mind categorical lists describing generalized characteristics of each quality such as:





And though the reductions are imperative descriptors used within Chinese medical and Taoist texts, they are used as tools to move into ever deeper levels of knowing in the aspects of Yin and Yang.

In learning the cosmological components of Yin and Yang we learn that most Chinese philosophers agree that:

In the beginning there was non-existence or nothingness. From this came existence or existential chaos which has been described as completely undifferentiated matter, and then from that chaos was born the Tao or the natural order of the universe. The Tao divided itself into the two primal creative forces which are known as Yin and Yang.

You cannot have one without the other. Yin begets Yang and Yang begets Yin.

It is an ever-flowing interchange of these primordial forces that describes universal forces as well as forces within the body.

In truth, we want to strive for balance within our body system of which Chinese medicine does indeed acknowledge a truly holistic approach paying heed to mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. A true classical Chinese Medical practitioner is never just addressing a physical reductionist component.

That being said, much of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been designed to be reductionistic – but TCM is not Classical Chinese Medicine – yet we digress – so much data in which to delve!

We love this quote by Sabine Wilms, PhD in her medical text compendium translation titled, Channeling the Moon:

“Regardless of whether we women choose to reproduce or not, our bodies’ reproductive functions affect every one of us, as menarche and menopause; before, during, and after each menstrual period; in the side effects of any form of birth control; throughout pregnancy and childbirth, as well as miscarriages and abortions; and in the recovery from any pregnancy, whether wanted and completed or not. We can reject or embrace or ignore this fact all we want, but no amount of medical treatment or willpower can erase it. The beauty of Chinese classical gynecology, in my opinion, is that it envisions, and aims to create or restore, a state of deep health and balance in which the female reproductive functions are not the source of a necessary evil or of unavoidable suffering and inconveniences that can merely be masked with ever-improving technological fixes, from tampons to IVF to morning-after pills to pain medication, but a powerful and evocative symbol of abundance, fertility and harmony.”

Here at Yin-care® we want all women to be moved back into that state of abundance, fertility and harmony.

She goes on to explain something very profoundly interesting about the placement of importance of Women’s Care within the Sun Simiao’s Be Ji Qian Jin Yao Fang (Essential Formulas Worth a Thousand in Gold to Prepare for Emergencies, published in 652 CE):

“Placed strategically right behind the introduction in volume one as the first clinical section, the three volumes titled “Formulas for Women: are generally viewed as one of the first and most important texts on traditional Chinese gynecology. With dual emphasis on both preventative care and the treatment of acute clinical conditions, it covers the topics of fertility, pregnancy, labor and delivery, postpartum care and lactation in astounding breadth and depth. Its placement and depth are a visible manifestation of Sun Simiao’s pathbreaking notion that caring for women and children first was an expression of “venerating the root” and the responsibility of any “specialist in nurturing life”.”

Yet in a western medical context Women’s Health Care is very much marginalized.

“In the majority of cases, diseases that predominantly affect women — such as migraines, headaches, anorexia and endometriosis — received funding that was a fraction of what was awarded for diseases that predominantly affected men, when funding amounts are matched to disease burden.”

Women’s interactions with their doctors have been diminished as “hysterical” historically sending them to sanitariums/insane asylum’s where horrible procedures were implemented to “cure” them of their “disfunctions”. Sadly today we find some level of similarity in our physician’s approach and interactions. We are told that carefully organized and documented symptoms are “all in our head”. We are treated as stupid. Our doctors often refuse to answer our questions or worse yet the interaction is turned around where data is provided to both intimidate and manipulate us.

And yet…

“caring for women and children first was an expression of “venerating the root” and the responsibility of any “specialist in nurturing life”.” As stated by Sun Simiao!

Here at Yin-care® we are reducing “Yin” to the feminine and by this we are further reducing it to reflect women. So in the most simplistic terms it could be reduced to Women’s Care. However, we are embracing the concept of Yin existing in conjunction with Yang, and therefore the interplay for care here would be way more dynamic and we encourage you to embrace the term Yin-care® to reflect this robust dynamic of all that it is instead of using the terminology “Women’s Care”. The energetic quality suggested by Yin-care® you will find to be way more empowering.

As we have just discussed, the western medical system, the predominant system of “health care” (which is debatable – some are referring to it now as disease care), is not looking out for women.

Here at Yin-care® we believe that:

  1. You have a LOT of tools at your own disposal to truly take your health back into your own hands. For too long, we have given our power away to those whom are unworthy of our trust. We will assist in providing you with practical tools, products and services that will move you along a path that guides you back into your own intuition and womb wisdom.
  2. Having access to a well organized international network of care providers of a variety of modalities will support you on your journey to greater health. Our practitioners hold unique perspectives, good advice and will join you as a member of your health care team! We will work to curate this network of which you will have easy access.

We are working to support you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically in ways that provide both womb specific vibrancy and overall vitality enhancing solutions. We are extremely grateful and excited to have you join us here at Yin-care® on your journey!

Thank you for joining us.

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