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Wrapping up our series on parenting during life challenges such as divorce through the holidays, Margaret Jacobson and Pamela Elaine, together, will delve into the more quiet and unspoken challenges experienced by many during the holiday season, as well as the wondrous opportunities for gratitude and the exciting creation of new traditions. Join them together in a fun filled informative hour that will no doubt bring laughter and enlightened views. They will also share with you their big changes for The Mother Rising show moving forward. Listen in!
Did you lose yourself/your voice during your marriage? Were you blinded by divorce? Were you blind to the signs that the marriage was not healthy? Are you ready to find yourself again and re-define who you are or want to be? “Amazing Grace” is a beautiful song about being lost and then found. The words were written by John Newton before his death in 1807. The Reverend John Newton was a former slave ship captain. He needed a song that would inspire the workers, but that would also inspire himself during an unexpected and almost sudden annihilation of the slaves, crew members and himself. All were about to be LOST at sea. Margaret Jacobson will share her story of being lost, only to find herself again. She offers you tips to find who you really are, and how beautiful self-discovery can be.
How do you rebuild your life after divorce rips it apart? Through self-care! Yes, taking care of your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional life can help you rebuild, restore, and reflect. Divorce does not have to leave you hopeless in the rubble. Take what you have left and build from there! In this episode, you will meet Leila Reyes who rebuilt her broken life and now is stronger than ever.
How do you create a life that supports steady, consistent long lasting change that gets you to the life you know you can have? We are extending our self-care series and exploring the power of self-coaching to wellness Margaret Moore, also known as Coach Meg, founder of Wellcoaches Corporation and author of “Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life: Train Your Brain To Get More Done In Less Time” will teach us foundational principles to propel us on our path the life we long to live. This show is for everyone who is struggling with the feeling that they are getting two steps forward and then take 3 steps back. Those days when you may feel overwhelmed by the tasks related to your life crisis be that divorce, loss of a spouse, a health challenge or more. Self-coaching and understanding the methodology behind it will empower you to take your transformation into your own hands and move yourself ever forward.
Do you find that turning your mind off while sitting still in meditation is a challenge, but know that calming the repetitive thoughts is a must in your self-care regimen? Join Margaret Jacobson and Pamela Elaine on their fourth show in the August Self-Care Series, where Nancy Thiel-Voogd, founder and care-taker of the Triple Spiral Labyrinth and owner of Spiral Vision will teach us not only about the powerful tool of the labyrinth in realigning our authentic self and thought patterns, but also about how our walk within the labyrinth can be used as a metaphor. In addition, Nancy will share her sacred story of the creation of the Triple Spiral Labyrinth on her property in Bonny Doon, CA.  
Did you know that your relationship to your space is a powerful, often neglected aspect of being a woman? The spaces we live in are visible, livable metaphors for our inner worlds. They reflect our beliefs, our priorities, our relationships. When we are in an unconscious relationship with our space, our homes may mirror things that no longer serve us: outdated versions of ourselves, unhealthy priorities, stuck-ness, unhappiness. Despite our best efforts to grow, our homes keep us tethered to exactly what we’re longing to leave behind. Our spaces can literally block us from visioning our new lives. Ready for a fresh start? Create a home for your new life. Feeling drab, bored or miserable? Consider using color as medicine. Grieving a loss? Create a cocoon for healing. Feeling confused? Make space for focused clarity. Longing for more vibrancy? Infuse your home with a sense of celebration.