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Vibrancy Womb Health Solutions with Margaret

In her one-on-one work with you, Margaret supports enhancing your health in any area, with a special focus on your womb needs, and helps you navigate through  any health challenge or crisis. She guides you in assessing your health care system, practitioner(s), and personal support network, assisting you in seeing how you are supported, who and what are holding you back, what you need that’s missing, and how you can get it. Your work together will often expand beyond the arena of health into other areas of your life that need attention. In the process, she empowers you to connect with your own intuition and become more deeply in touch with your own womb wisdom, ultimately leading to your own health sovereignty!

Choose the right program for you…

Awakening Womb Wisdom

Awakening Womb Wisdom Session – One-time payment of $267

Includes the following:

  • One-on-One Support Session (online or by phone, 80 minutes) ~ Your experiences and challenges related to your womb health will be heard and held in a loving container of unconditional support. You will emerge from this call having a new vision for options, out-of-the box solutions, and the confidence that you have what it takes to begin taking the next steps on your healing journey.
  • “Inspired Womb Wisdom” Written Guide ~ After your session, you receive a follow up email from Margaret with a written reflection of your vision for where you want to be and/or the path you will be traveling regarding your health, as well as your first steps/goals to get you roaring along. (Note: Any research required for your specific health challenges will require an additional fee of up to $50, and this would be discussed in advance).
Nurturing The Fire

Nurturing The Fire – Womb Wisdom Health Vibrancy Program – One time payment of $997 or two payments of $499.

Includes the following:

  • Awakening Womb Wisdom 80 min session with your “Inspired Womb Wisdom” Written Guide (see above)
  • Three additional hour-long sessions (online or by phone), one every other week. Margaret helps you move toward your health-related goals, refining them as you go along, and offers ongoing coaching support for challenges related to your womb health and any other aspect of your life that is impacting it. You will emerge knowing that you are making sustainable change.
  • Follow Up Emails ~ Margaret provides notes following each of your sessions, which are fantastic for helping you remember what took place, stay on track, and receive relevant links and other follow-up information that will support your growth and learning.
Revitalize Your Life

Six-Month Revitalize Your Life Program – One Payment of $4547 or Two Payments of $2274

If you’re looking to expand from a focus on an immediate health challenge into an overall sustainable, holistic transformation in every area of your life infused throughout with your own vibrant womb wisdom, this is the program for you!  Through this program Margaret will get to know you inside and out and will work with you in creating a tailored empowered sovereignty plan based on your personal circumstances.  You’ll receive focused and ongoing support just where you need it. Depending on your unique life, your journey with Margaret may take you into the areas of:

  • Moving from illness to vitality
  • Conscious finances
  • Spirituality
  • Tailored health practitioner/health services recommendations
  • Career visioning
  • Weight loss and improved fitness
  • Just right nutrition
  • Grief counseling, therapy, personal reflection work
  • Personal organization
  • Fashion and beauty
  • Sexuality
  • Parenting assistance
  • Aligning with the organic Constitution
  • and more…

Margaret will help you weave everything together so it’s a joyful, ease-ful, self-loving process that will truly put you back in touch with a womb wisdom and empowers your life in an expansive way.

You’ll receive everything included above in the Nurturing The Fire – Womb Wisdom Health Vibrancy Program PLUS:

  • A comprehensive written plan that incorporates your goals and a tailored series of resources and study plan to get you moving, juiced, inspired, and taking action
  • 8 more hour-long sessions, one every other week, to support you in moving through your learning with enthusiasm, and to offer guidance and coaching in every area of your life
  • Emergency support ~ Margaret is available outside sessions via email and text (Signal) to offer spot advice, support, and affirmation for any dips.

Not sure which package is right for you? Please complete our contact form and select the drop down wishing for Womb Vibrancy Solution questions.

From the Mother Rising, Margaret Jacobson

I’m passionate about supporting those on their journey of empowerment — in a way that only another woman can be.

On the professional level, I hold a Bachelor’s in Neuroscience and Master’s in Health Services Administration. I have consulted to hospitals and medical groups wishing to create holistically oriented programs nationally. I am a Certified Wellcoach through Wellcoaches School of Coaching and completed a two year Women’s Empowerment as well as countless, professional development courses within women’s health arena.

I also have a lot of life experience, having lived through an autoimmune thyroid condition, a C-Section (Cesarean Section) and two VBACs (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean), sustained injury from C-Section, a challenging divorce, and a custody battle involving my three now adult children. I’ve navigated the curious twists and turns of my own path, and along the way, I’ve learned valuable perspectives and practices I’d love to share with you.

I’ve supported both women and men on their journeys through major health challenges, pregnancies, abortions, miscarriages, post-partum depressions, relationship challenges (divorce, splits, affairs), empty nest, parenting struggles, professional career changes, death, and more.  I’d be honored to be your guide, helping you access your own deepest womb wisdom in service to your health and your life leading you ever closer to your own true sovereignty.

~ Honor yourself, celebrate your strength and empower your transformation. ~