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The New You Series

I am just thrilled to compile the shows into categories for all of you listeners.  The month of June was THE NEW YOU series and it was a smashing success!  We covered everything from creating the New You energetically through daily clearing work with Belinda...

Blog, Wellness, Yin-care

What is Wellcoaching and more…

What in the World is Wellness Coaching? With the massive increase in chronic diseases within the United States, and a medical system that is challenged to handle the day to day management of what goes along with the living, breathing issues of these patients, a...

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The Rainbow Ikea Connection

  Several months after having moved into my new apartment in Tiburon, I had returned from a trip to Ikea, another venture in furnishing my new lovely home.  I sat washing the recently purchased kitchen items.  I felt a warmth of happiness resound through me as...

Blog, Divorce, Personal

Chocolate Coated Tears

I had been sleeping for months on an inflatable mattress on the floor of a small room that had once been the office of my ex-grandfather in law. I had carved it out as my office in a desperate struggle to find something in the house that was mine. The room appeared...

Blog, Divorce, Personal

Claustrophobic Freedom

It was covered in yellow vinyl siding suffocating the life and breath of it’s inner beauty. We rescued this 1940’s small two bedroom one bath family home both from the vinyl in the front and the ivy trying to crawl over it from the back in 1999 when it became ours....

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