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Yin-care®’s Womb Empowerments

Welcome to Yin-care®’s Womb Empowerments Meditation Video and beautiful printable version of the Womb Empowerments. Bookmark this page to come back to the video throughout your upcoming days! Do the meditation with regularity and witness the changes within!

The Womb Empowerment Back Story

About 15 years ago, I found myself starting to look deeper at my life. In a sense, as I was reflecting upon aspects of my outer and inner world. I was coming into a greater knowing about the power of visualization, affirmation/mantra and manifesting. I started pulling pieces of things that led me to a feeling state of empowerment from various sources both named and unnamed.  And the practice evolved and refined.

You could call the printed version affirmations or mantras; however, the power of these is within each and every woman’s ability to both deeply feel and internalize these words into a feeling state generated from their womb.

Here I offer you this beautiful printable downloadable version of the Womb Empowerments

How to Use Yin-care®’s Womb Empowerments for best results

After you print these out, look it over lightly at first. Get a feel for the overall page and its contents. If you are able to print it out in color and on a firmer card stock, you will be able to either post it up in full nicely or you can cut it into the pieces that resonate with you.

  1. For example, you may connect most with the words, “I am beautiful and wonderful and perfect.” In that case, cut out this section and post it around your LIFE – your living space, your work space…everywhere that you will run into it.
  2. When you come into contact with where you have posted these words, stop yourself and read it, AND feel it. Feel deeply breathing into your womb that you ARE beautiful and wonderful and perfect. Work to generate a sense of peace, joy, love and reverence for yourself while you say these words.
  3. If these words are challenging, take some time to reflect, journal write about why…go deeper.
  4. You can change out the sections that you wish to work on throughout your days, your month, the seasons, the year.
  5. Lastly, cut out the beautiful image of the womb. The womb image has been designed in and of itself to be a transmission that stimulates the coming online of your womb wisdom. And all you have to do is gaze at it. Gaze at it with a sense fo reverence. Put on some lovely music that inspires you and puts you into a state where you can gaze at it in this manner. Do this for 30 days…see what happens!