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Bloom – Poem by Margaret

Jul 12, 2014 | Blog, Personal, Spiritual, Yin-care | 0 comments

For those of you who were interested in seeing the poem that I shared during THE FREEDOM SHOW (July 3,2013) – The Anniversary Show (Ex-Aversary, that is) – Keys to Understanding Your Freedoms In The Face of Adversitymar-small, and leisurely letting the intense vulnerability of it sink in…here it is!  You’ll have to listen to Episode 19 to hear parts of my personal interpretation of the writing!


Bloom – by Margaret Jacobson

Allure of the sensual soft petals that danced around her overwhelmed and she dissolved the sacred sunflowerspetal on her tongue.

Awareness, diligent perseverance and attentive sacred inner gaze slowly slowly slowly expansive liquid vibration began to move from within.

Hard crusty rigid solid healed over scar.

Heart center, the hardest most solid of scars.

Blood vessels creeping into the old wound infiltrating oxygen and nourishment from beneath.

The scar still hard on the crusty surface. 

Below blood and life pulsing and vibrating. A happy dance, seemingly content within its ignorance of understanding the vast possibility of expansion.

In a burst from an outward force, external energy unites with a powerful blast of light and the hard crusty surface is obliterated.

Raw, pulsing bloody pulpy tissue lay revealed in complete and utter shameless vulnerability.

Pulsing, bleeding, oozing…a longing.

The essence of physical movement transfers to a shape shift/phase shift of energy movement from physical into emotional vibration.

Consciously bearing witness to this explosion and shift from physical to emotional is mindblowing.

All of the anger and bitterness and holding, repressing, hiding, stuffing melts as it transform into deep sadness and bitter longing.

Devotional bowing and yearning by this open shameless wound.

Opening and throbbing like sensual vaginal tissue.

Opening and in need of penetration…the longing of touch and oneness.

The weather emits tears of salty birth waters, orgasmic feminine ejaculatory essence…sobbing and convulsing in longing.

The boundless expression of universal love sensing the yearning moves toward the tissue in haste.

Magnetized to create union. Create oneness.

An end to the duality that has been previously known.

Complete union of inner landscape and outer manifestation.

Come together in the healing opening and dissolving, reforming of this scar into this whole fresh resilient skin now covering the heart.

Blossoming forth from the heart center is a beautiful rose, now another blossom and another…endless blossoms now that the seed is receiving boundless love and nourishment from both within and without.

Held in comfort, knowing now contentment and resting in humble poise.

Petals spill softly, floating, suspended in a dance.

Sliding against the skin of other weary hearts.

Enticing them with their playful softness and alluring scent.

In deep vulnerability & deep love,

Margaret, Yin-care®’s Mother Rising

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