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Menstrual Blood Divorce Therapy

Jul 14, 2023 | Blog, Featured, Menstrual Cycle, Personal, Yin-care | 0 comments

I know, it sounds ludicrous, and to be perfectly honest, it probably is! I just rediscovered this image that you are seeing here. I painted – “My Divorce, Embracing Transformation” with a butterfly. Now I have no clue whatever happened to this painting, but what I do remember is that I painted it with my own menstrual blood. Yep! I did. I did that. No one told me to do this. It was not some exercise that I read about from any book or heard in any lecture. I just spontaneously decided that there was extra blood a flowin’ and I might as well as use it for my own transformational purposes!

I am sure that I was collecting my menstrual blood at the time and using it to fertilize my many houseplants and potted deck gardens on the two beautiful decks I had in Tiburon, California at that time. I can’t remember how I was collecting it although I am pretty sure I had transitioned to a menstrual flow cup.

Having read the book “Her Blood is Gold” by Lara Owen with my Women’s Empowerment course that I took from a two year study in the Dianic Aloha Tradition, I was definitely having a major shift in mindset around my period. I was really starting to fall in love with it! It was true! My blood was and still is gold! It is absolutely mind blowing to me how my blood just lights up my plants when I water with it once a month. I literally have jungles. Every plant I embrace with my heart is also embraced by my womb in this way and they just go insane.

My beautiful husband, Dr. Daniel Hudson, DAOM, LAc often talks about how in Chinese Medicine, our menstrual blood is considered quite sacred and is called Heavenly Essence™ or Tian Gui™. I absolutely just love this renaming. It restores the honor to what it truly is – the nourishment that lines our uterus to create life! That’s right Heavenly frickin’ Essence people!

At the time of my divorce, I was NOT feeling awesome about any of it, but I do know that I was embracing whole heartedly the insanity of it. I absolutely felt like that caterpillar – going into a full and complete melt down – dismantling EVERYTHING in my life to become something brilliant and flying and new. There’s definitely something to say about what may have truly happened on an energetic level as I created that painting with my Heavenly Essence. I believe I truly did harness something truly potent about myself and used my own creativity to harness the power of my intention for transformation on that paper.

Though you may not be ready to fully embark on getting so incredibly intimate with your blood, I would love to recommend a couple of great tools to stay connected. We sell some amazing Heavenly Essence management products that could quite possibly assist in truly transforming your relationship with your menstrual flow.

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