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Happy Estrus Day?!?

I know, I know.  I AM crazy!  It's the absolute truth.  I simply can't help myself.  I had so many fun things bubble up around Easter for me today (writing this on Easter), that I simply couldn't wait until next year to share, even though you will probably read...

Blog, Personal, Spiritual

All we need is love

For some of you, it’s running, some walking, some going to the gym…the cycling class, zumba, pilates…for me it’s pretty much yoga. I like to swim and cycle, hike and even tai chi and belly dancing also, but there’s just nothing like a good yoga class. I love all...

Blog, Personal, Spiritual

Hippity Hop -Estara’s on her way!

(Note to reader - I wrote this at the end of March, just before Easter, but my fellow Mother Rising crew voted I post it and share even if Estara's official season has past.  Hope you enjoy!) There are so many layers of discovery that our lives hold. Everything...

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