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Why we LOVE Margaret and why we think YOU will TOO!

Oct 29, 2012 | Blog, Spiritual, Wellness, Yin-care | 0 comments

Whether you are climbing Mount Insurmountable in your personal, professional, athletic, health, or spiritual life and have been left somewhere upside down wondering which way is up, you have ARRIVED at your safe haven at The Mother Rising.  You are just a hot foot soak, a gentle hug and a cup of tea a way from all you need to connect, clarify, and recalibrate allowing you to move forward in grace and ease.  You will feel reinspired, re-ignited and bask in your new glow of illuminated freedom.

I honestly don’t know what I would do without Margaret.  She has been able to, and continues to be able to find the light inside me when I keep thinking it has gone out.  She reignites that flame sometimes daily with her amazing responses to my texts or emails that just put me right back on track.  Her ability to pull me out of what has been a daily and life long drama and to continually see the bigger picture is not only truly awesome, it has also given me a clearer vision, a sharper focus and an understanding of my life’s purpose.  She makes me laugh when I want to sink into an oblivion of tears.  She rises me up when I feel desolate.  I am forever grateful for all she has done for me.  For those contemplating hiring Margaret, DO NOT PASS UP THIS OPPORTUNITY TO WORK WITH MARGARET!  She will make your heart sing and face shine anew.  She is sent from the Goddess.  She is amazing. ~ Chris Jhee

After just a few minutes into my first coaching session with Margaret, I felt as though I had been working with her for much longer.  I found myself speaking and sharing so openly…the trust was immediate.  I felt safe. Feeling safe is critical for my own healing and wellness practice.  Margaret has an extraordinary gift.  She hears whatever comes up, holds it and then represents it in such a way that allows you to understand and process it with a great deal of compassion.  I find that as I go about my day, the insights Margaret offers me resurface at times when I need them most.  In other words, the work we do together doesn’t stop when the phone call ends.  Her coaching style is both soulful and pragmatic.  She speaks to the whole person, to all of our multi-dimentional layers.  I am a single mother of four with my own business, and so like most mothers, I’m good at multi-tasking and often feel spread all over the map; with direction, yes, but frequently driven by an unsettling kind of energy.  Grounded in her own experience, Margaret understands me.  She helps me to channel that energy and to continually reconnect with myself, with my feminine strength and grace, and with my own wisdom.  The work we are doing together is helping me to embrace change with a feeling of reassurance and excitement.  She is someone I value as a professional in her field and as a truly lovely and caring person. ~ Victoria Hauzy

Margaret is like the best friend every woman deserves.  She is a truly wonderful listener with a very compassionate heart and creative ideas on how to bring transformation into your life and relationships.

As a full time mother of two young boys, one of whom was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease two years ago, I’m dealing with not only the struggles of every day motherhood but also the tremendous sorrow and stress that comes with not knowing from one day to the other if my child is going to live.  This manifestation has been likened to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

As  a mother of three, Margaret’s genuine mothers’ instinct has allowed me to drop into a place of trust and surrender where my heart has felt contracted and disconnected with our year of hospital experience.  She has a way of honoring my unique situation and gently working with me to develop some parenting skills that allow me to be the loving strong mother that I know myself to be.

During the wellness sessions with Margaret, I have discovered tools I can use to nourish my body and soul, so I can be the best mother I possibly can be.  Not only has she helped me to come up with solutions that work for me in parenting, but has also allowed me to connect my vision of where I want to be with my commitment to self-care and self-growth in my healing.

For me it has been very helpful to set goals for the week and have a loving person checking in on me every week to see how well I did, what my challenges were and how to strategize around the every day obstacles that present themselves.  While working with Margaret, I have come to understand that the changes and goals don’t have to be huge, but little by little I am working towards a more peaceful heart. ~ Maria Potter

Working with Margaret has been such a remarkable opportunity.  It’s amazing how far a good sounding board and a little accountability will take you.  Margaret has asked the right questions and captured the best ideas from our conversations to help me get really clear and focused about what my life and wellness goals are, and why it’s important to me that I achieve them.   She provides me with the external organization that really helps me see what is important and the incremental steps that I need to take to get there.

The biggest goal I’ve been working on is a career change, and though she is not a career coach per se, Margaret understands how important it is to find work that reflects our values and accepts our work style.  She helped me narrow down the field and each week works with me to set goals that are moving me closer to a dream job.  I feel so hopeful and confident about a job search that felt endless and hopeless just a few weeks ago.  With her perspective as a working mother, I’ve also found her to be such a confident role model.  She knows I can create my dream job because she is creating hers!  She brings a deep level of understanding and a holistic perspective to what could have been a very narrow and limited topic.

I feel so grateful that I’ve had this opportunity to take on a host of life challenges over the past several weeks.  I feel I’ve made significant progress, and have learned some skills and developed some routines that will carry me successfully through the coming years.  Thank you, Margaret! ~ Sarah Neuse

Dear Mother Rising,

Thank you for our wonderful sessions together.  You are an inspiration and a loving and intelligent being and working with you has been and continues to be a pleasure.  I have had several topics that have required compassionate understanding and illuminating, and your instruction, suggestions and guidance have helped me gain clarity and knowledge that has helped me move through these issues with grace.  Additionally, your powerful, no-nonsense and sheer and utter confidence in me as a strong woman has helped to shape my view of myself  and all the potentiality that is held for me.  Your perspective on my life, life learnings, and my divine purpose allow for the emergence of a  calm confidence in myself for which I am grateful.  You are honest and astute as well as highly intuitive and educated.  This combination creates a sensitive guide who is able to hold the space for myself and other clients to grow.  I look forward to our continued journey together as I move through the different challenges in my life’s journey.  Many Blessings ~ Jane Gould

I am bi-polar, an alcoholic and a drug addict and scared.  I am grateful for the sense of structure and supportive influence that Margaret has provided during our Wellcoaching sessions as well as in the follow up emails that she has sent each week.  She has been both empathetic and receptive, and has been able to keep me accountable on some very serious issues without a judgemental attitude.  My situation has required discussions of drug treatment, alcoholics anonymous, interacting with family and friends/toxic relationships, creating a supportive environment, maintaining my medication for my bi-polar, managing all of my medical appointments, searching for work and returning to school.  Margaret always has informational resources handy to assist me in moving forward. She has been easy to talk to and I appreciate her deep candor.  Margaret’s coaching has been a hugely positive influence on me and has truly been a boon.  I have really worked to make some challenging decisions on next steps for myself and she has helped me to see for myself with clarity the options and how the choices may play out.  ~ Anonymous

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