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Full Moon Eclipse Can Bring To Light Your Vampires

Apr 27, 2014 | Blog, Moon, Personal, Spiritual, Yin-care | 0 comments

iStock_000035381122SmallOur last full moon on April 15th also provided us with a Full Lunar Eclipse.  Now regardless of if you saw it or made an effort to see it, this blocking of the moon’s light plays significantly on our soul’s journey. I know it has now been a couple of weeks, but it’s worth thinking back to recall what was transpiring in your life.

Both in my own life and in my client’s lives, I have been able to see how the lack of moon’s light allowed us to see deeper into the shadows.  For me personally, there were events in the lives of those around me that brought out shadows that they hadn’t known were there.  These realizations on their part had repercussions on my own life. When I felt it in my body, it felt like  a bursting of realizations for me personally and a release….like someone had popped the bubble that had been holding me back.

Many might consider the realizations negative or positive within their life.  For the record, it doesn’t matter.  They are realizations that allow you to move forward on your path to clear choices and greater freedom. I believe that it is important to take note of how our universe and more closely, our solar system, plays on our lives here on earth as it can help us to step back from the intensity of the interpersonal relationships and get that “spiritual eye view” to see that we are here for growth.  That the circumstances that we have created by our previous choices can also open into realizations where there can be great learning.  Each time we allow the learning to sink in with humility we can grow, see more options, more possibilities, more potentiality.

What happened for you on this last full moon?  Curious…any awakenings from within the shadows of the eclipse? And all of our discussions about emotional vampires and narcissicists..did any appear in your life?  Did you awaken from the hypnotic trance? Please share with me below!

Many blessings,

Margaret, Yin-care®’s Mother Rising

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