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Happy Spring Equinox…Time to Create!

(Originally published March 30, 2013) The essence of Spring...rain, sun, earth...the rainbows and lovely small blossoms and new little shoots on trees.  It has both this thrilling exciting energy that makes me want to start dancing and yet I have these moments that...

Blog, Moon, Personal, Spiritual, Yin-care

New Moon!

It's pretty amazing alright!  The Full Moon has now transformed itself into a New Moon!  In only 14 days at that! Wow, right?  It's actually really fantastic to watch how time passes in terms of moon cycles, and it's my hope that as my reader you will be able to...

Blog, Moon, Personal, Spiritual

Happy Full Moon!

It's so exciting to be able to welcome all of you into our first official days of Spring! I know, I know... it maybe still feels like Winter, but actually the energy now has transitioned into Spring.  This Full Moon signifies the onset of the Chinese New Year and...

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