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New Moon!

Mar 12, 2013 | Blog, Moon, Personal, Spiritual, Yin-care | 0 comments

iStock_000000643575Small.origIt’s pretty amazing alright!  The Full Moon has now transformed itself into a New Moon!  In only 14 days at that! Wow, right?  It’s actually really fantastic to watch how time passes in terms of moon cycles, and it’s my hope that as my reader you will be able to start noticing what phase the moon is in and start matching it up with what is happening in your life.  I love to think back about what it might have been like to only live around the light of the moon, the stars and of course, the sun.  Pretty different!

During the last Full Moon, I blogged about the fact that it was the first Full Moon of the Chinese New Year.  This is the first New Moon. It is also this phase right now, moving from new to full that straddles the Spring Equinox on March 20th.  I like to think that this New Moon is kind of a special time to set intentions for what you are feeling well up as a desire to manifest from within.  More on this for Spring Equinox.

Busy Lives

We all have such busy lives, and the moon cycles move so quickly!  I like to take a time to set intentions for moon cycles for a three cycle period.  Though many people like to set their intentions for each moon’s cycle, I find that for myself, sometimes it can be a bit of a logistical challenge.  But that’s just me.  I have done it both ways and both are equally as powerful; however, I kind of like the three month cycle intention period as it gives me time to see and feel how the moon is working my intentions as I move through it’s phases.   Below, I will give you an exercise to play within this capacity.  Whichever way you choose is PERFECT.  It’s most important that we simply be realistic with what we can implement.

Another thing that has been tremendously helpful to me in my western artificially lit up  busy life world is to connect to the moon through some cool Apps.  Of course you can ALWAYS find the moon’s current state of illumination on the Yin-care®’s Home Page (on most secondary pages), but another cool source are some Apps.  Being that I just looked and the App I have been using for years is now unavailable, I will refer you to Moon by CDV Concepts. What I like about this App is that you get the % illumination, the compass trajectory that the moon is taking across the sky, the time of moonrise and moonset and the distance from Earth to the Moon.  Separate from a Moon App is a very cool Star App called Star Walk. Star Walk allows you to see the constellations in the sky at any time of day.  Of course, when it is daylight, you won’t see the stars, but you can see what is hiding behind the light of the sun.  At night, though there may be quite a bit of city light detracting from your vision of the stars, you will will be able to see some and the Star Walk can fill in the rest to show you what’ going down!  Would love to know what you think or if you have some other faves.

 Manifestation through Intention…working with the Moon

The more we walk a path of spirit, the more we begin to realize that out outer world/physical world circumstances are truly dependent on our psyche’s creation.  As the Buddha said,

All that we are arises with our thoughts.  With our thoughts we make the world.

As Louise Hays has said in her affirmation cards:

Every thought I think is creating my future…The universe totally supports every thought I think and believe…I have unlimited choices about what I choose to think…I choose balance, harmony and peace and I express it in my life.

Side note here…key words “think and BELIEVE”.  You may think one thing, but your belief is moving in the opposite direction.  This takes time to create an awareness around, but couldn’t resist mentioning it here as it is really quite a huge part of manifesting.

Caroline Myss has said that if we really knew the full power of our thoughts we would not let ourselves out in the morning. I will call this Wild Brain…the untamed, un-intentioned, unmonitored state of UN-awareness.

Creating a routine that captures interaction with your environment that supports your intentionality brings your focus and energy to manifest into your present state with regularity.  Creating an awareness of your intention and practicing mindfully attending to it creates a habit and draws in the energy of what you want.  At it’s core, this is you making conscious choice to “shoot out your rockets of desire” as Abraham Hicks would say.

The practice

Here’s the exercise that you may find very useful and hopefully FUN in working with the moon.

-Recall that with the new moon, you have all of the energy that you have harvested from the previous moon cycle to support and nourish and propel your next intentions forward.

-If you have not already thought of one thing that you want to focus your intentions on manifesting, then do this.  Write it down.  I encourage you to look at your language that you use to frame up your intentions.  And do watch out for what you ask for…the universe, when allowed to conspire with you consciously in this setting, can be humorous.  One of my teachers, for example, intended to meet someone special who would bring her flowers.  What happened was, that a taxi driver who found her special began delivering her flowers. So make your description clear.  It’s also best to keep it in present tense.  For example, “I am meeting regularly with close girlfriends sharing good belly laughs and healthy conversation.” What you do NOT want to do is, “I am NOT meeting with friends who are bad influences.” Your brain actually reads that as, “I am meeting with friends who are bad influences.”  Lastly, your intention should contain no ill-intent on others. So be sure to:

  • Keep it in present tense
  • Don’t use negatives
  • Re-read what you intend and be sure it is clean and clear regarding exactly what you want
  • And be sure it is for the greater good of all (you can even say that)

-Next, be sure to write down you intention. I keep a sort of a prayer journal where I actually print out my intentions and then staple it into my book.  It’s a goofy weird system, but works for me. I keep it by my altar and then refer to it through out the moon cycles.  Another thing I have done is purchased pens that can write on my mirror and written the intentions on my bathroom mirror.  I would print it out, or just have it written, but put it in a place where you will see it daily.  If you won’t see it daily, put in a reminder into your phone or calendar to alert you to go look at it at least once during the day. I have typed it into my phone and had it just go off as an alarm every day at a certain time(s) before as well.

-When you read it:  If you can, read it out loud – GREAT!  If you can read it out loud and look at yourself in the mirror, also great.  But what I really enjoy doing a lot is envisioning myself doing the activity that the intention is discussing.  I visualize myself with my girlfriends, joking around. I feel what that feels like in my bones and blood to be with them laughing and feeling the sense of healthy conversation, if that’s your intention.

-Now, pay attention on each day that you read it, what phase the moon is in.  Is it in the first quarter waxing, second quarter waxing, third quarter waning or fourth quarter waning?  Do you notice a difference in how the intention feels in each stage? Can you feel it taking root and sprouting during the waxing phase?  Can you feel it assimilating and beginning to take shape during the waning?

-This is simply enough.  If you don’t touch in each day, but maybe once a week, fine.  If you see the whole cycle go by and you forgot about it, at least go back and see what happened.  Even if you wrote it and walked away, did anything happen with it on its own? There shalt be NO beating one’s self up!  Next cycle, make it more doable.  However, simply even noticing the moon changing in the sky is a really big deal in our culture. So if you were able to do even that, give yourself a giant hug.

-I repeat this for a set of three moon cycles sometimes; however, you may want to just focus on one moon cycle.

And that’s really it!  It’s fun and fairly simple.  The trick is to remember that you can have goals around attending to your intention.  You can set the goal that you will go sit outside with the moon 3 times a week and repeat your intention.  You could have a goal of touching back in with your intention once the moon is full. However, the intention is not really a goal.  A goal is defined by a specific task done in a certain fashion or at  certain time or place often times with a certain frequency.  The intention is an open ended description of where you are headed energetically.  Make sense? Confusing? Please let me know and I will respond accordingly.

Through the moon cycle we not only connect to the energy pattern transpiring around our planet, but we can also begin to harness that power. My wish for you is that you in some way are able to harness that power and connect with our beautiful moon. We will add more layers to this in the future; so, start here and share your experience with me and others.

With a great big howl for this cycle….Owooooooooo!!!!!

And much Aloha,

Margaret, The Mother of The Mother Rising

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