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New Moon & Solar Eclipse…second eclipse in series of three, from full moon to full moon!

May 14, 2013 | Blog, Moon, Personal, Spiritual, Yin-care | 0 comments

On our last full Moon April 25th there was a lunar eclipse.  We often times don’t realize how affected we can be by the movement of the planets and the energy shifts these movements can create.  I, for one, was wiped out!  SO much so that the last Full Moon news didn’t get out to you!  So sorry for that.  It just took me out completely!  But that eclipse was only the first in a line of three eclipses that will transpire from the Full Moon of April 25 to the Full Moon again on May 24th.

The first and the third are lunar eclipses and the second one in between…the New Moon eclipse is a solar one and took place Thursday May 9th at 5:29PM, PDT.  To view what the eclipse would look like click through here (link no longer available). It was not viewable in San Francisco, but if you were in the highlighted red region of the picture on this link, you may have been able to see it.

All eclipses create great energetic shifts and changes.  A solar eclipse emphasizes beginnings. It is not to say that things may be ending due to an eclipse, but the emphasis is more on the beginning.  We want to be acutely aware of our thoughts during this time.  Our thoughts are the fertile ground frequency from which our seeds of beginning/intentions will grow.  My astrologist whom I have worked with for 15 years now (WOW), and whom I refer to as the Lone Ranger (she calls me Tonto), shared with me that these are seeds that we are setting up for the next 18 years of growth that we will dial into. So think VERY carefully.

We make time to select our foods that we eat carefully when we have time, we make sure to brush our teeth and wash our face, fill our gas tanks and care for our cars.  I am telling you to take time for the essence of which defines you energetically, your qi.  Connect with this vibrating aliveness that is you.  Not your spirit.  Not the spirit part of you that “wants” things. Not the part that asks for more of everything.  Connect in with this aliveness that connects you with the universe.  This could be the most important thing that you do for yourself.  I tell you this, as it has been my experience that the more time I take to connect in on this level, the more I live in alignment with my “authentic” divine purpose.  The more I know myself, the more I am able to work with wisdom.

I recall, another teacher, telling me, ” there are many people who can help with ‘things”, volunteering for all children’s activities, etc. ; however,  she said, “not every one is dedicating time to do spiritual work, and you are being called to this action. You need to understand that your work in prayer and mediation is serving a greater cause/purpose than just you helping physically.”

Because I know you love a good practice.  Check this one out!


Take a short amount of time.  Five or ten minutes.

1-Find a way to go inside yourself.  Maybe it’s with your breath.  Maybe it’s by playing some music that takes you inward.  Remove all distractions that you possibly can…turn your phone off, etc.

2 – Settle into your breath and find your mind’s eye taking you deep into your heart center.  The center space within your chest.

3  – Visualize inside your chest, an altar that is of exquisite beauty.  See the objects that are there on your altar. Imagine that you can touch them and feel them, their textures, their scents, their colors.  You can feel the temperature inside this beautiful altar space.

4 – Take a deep breath into this altar space in your heart and imagine that the breath cleans and clears all of the dust off all of the objects.  That they are shining brighter and brighter with each breath.

5 – Feel the heart vibrate with love and feel the good feeling of safety and love moving from your heart and pulsating and emanating to all areas of your body.

6- Feel the sanctity of this space, the calm cool clarity.  That aliveness in the center of your heart.

7. Feel the breath moving in and out and visualize the inhale and exhale meeting in the heart center.  Feel the connection that the in-breath and the out-breath make.  Where does one begin and the other end?  Are “you” breathing or is the breath breathing the body, the universe breathing the body?  Which is it?

8. Within this state of spaciousness, feel that aliveness in your body spread to other areas.

9. Enjoy finding that lovely spacious spot that opens when your thoughts get caught in between a duality, rest in that space.

10.  Finally, be sure to bow to yourself, and to the universe for providing you with these short moments of great expansion.

In wonder,

Margaret, Yin-care®’s Mother Rising


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