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Peace in my heart

May 29, 2023 | Blog, Personal, Spiritual, Yin-care

A heart in a state of peace…what is that like?

In a world steeped in division and tension, words like peace get tossed around and we don’t often take time to truly know it. We don’t know the meaning…we don’t comprehend the embodied feeling.  I absolutely 100% include myself in this grouping.

I was recently participating in a monthly meditation where we were walked through a meditation where we were to go into how peace feels in the body.  The meditation guide was discussing how Jesus would say,

“May my peace be with you.”

Ahhhh…a light bulb went off. Somehow hearing and internalizing that Jesus was embodying peace, I could kind of sense what that would feel like in my own body. She walked us through feeling his peace and aligning it within our own body.

It was so interesting because there was some of what one might expect. There was a calm, a sense of quiet, a sense of stillness. But what arose from out of nowhere was this immense capacity to hold and embody love. I felt love come up through my heart and permeating all of my cells. Following just behind was compassion; a sense of compassion for myself and for others. So holding a state of peace in the body allows for the flow of love and compassion. WOW!

Throughout that week, the meditation became a baseline for me. What if I were operating in a state of peace? How would moving through my life in a state of peace change my interactions?

I am the Co-Coordinator for The Wyoming State Assembly part of The American State Assemblies. We had a meeting for our The Wyoming Assembly’s Jural Assembly Working Group. This is a smaller group within The Wyoming Assembly tasked with getting our Common Law Courts up and running. We study Common Law together as well as what other State Assemblies are doing to get their Common Law courts up to assist us in modeling our own. When we are discussing Common Law we can’t help but mull over potential incidents that would be reviewed by our court and how we would administer justice. During this meeting, it dawned on me that to truly administer justice we need to be operating from a place of peace. All of our current State of State courts and U.S. courts are operating as functioning military combatants…they consider us to be at war and that is what you get when you enter into those courts. It is a battle from the second you engage.  But being that we are not at war in our Common Law courts as civilians and as Americans living on the Land and Soil, how do we bring peace into our hearts so that we can truly provide true justice when issues come to trial. We can not restore a sense of wholeness (which, by the way, is what a Common Law court is meant to do) to anyone who has been wronged without coming to it being peaceful.

I feel like taking this time to just close our eyes and reflect into ourselves…feeling what it would be like to be absolutely full of peace…every last microcosm of you…experiencing peace…that feeling this will help us in slowing down in our divisive interactions. Will assist us in knowing compassion for ourselves and for others. And with that…love will naturally arise and the sense of bringing harmony will surface. May peace be with you.


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