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Supreme Oral Care

So the mouthwash is sort of a chance product for the company that makes it. Jier Yin really got its legs in the late 80’s.  This gentle man Lizhenguo and Shui (the company president was a disciple of the monk.  The formula belonged to a sect of Buddhists/ or Taoists and I don’t know much except that he lived during a very trying time in China, but what I know was that Lizhenguo was known as a healer and was known for walking all over the Sichuan province offering free medical help for people. And he was from  Qing Cheng Shan which is a monastic mountain and he had some disciples and one of them was Shui Yong Xin (Pres. Of Jier yin company – spelling of name)? And upon dying I am told that some of the disciples give gifts for the dying teacher. So Shui Yong Xin’s gift to humanity on behalf of the death of his teacher was the Jier Yin formula which wasn’t really written down or shared. And so the way he decided to share it was to make a business.  Instead of saying…everyone make this..He said..I am going to give this to everyone for $1.50 which ends up working out very well for him.  So he starts with one cauldron brewing this up in the Shuang Liu area and it catches on in the ‘70’s and really gets it’s legs in the 80’s and in the 80’s it starts going outside the Sichuan area until it becomes known nationally and they get help form the Chinese government in ’89,’90,’91 by employing 90-100 hospitals to do random studies on it.  And Caylor Wadlington and I had all these books on studies they had done that we had to translate into English and a lot of them were lame that they thought would be interesting to just try to understand the formula better but about 20% of them were really great.  But mainly they made this formula more available or more enticing for western medical gynecologists. There were 2 gynecology departments that wanted to learn how dilute they could make the Yin-care before it would stop functioning as an anti-pathogenic.  And so they started at 100% and would measure in a dish, different pathogens including lacto bacilli which are healthy types of inter vaginal pathogens/bacteria or  yeast, and gardarella (sp?), etc. And so they would apply it to the dish and see if the cell walls would lyse and measure it by time and so as they were getting to the lower dilutions, they found that at 15% yin-care and 85% water all of the pathogens cell wall were being lysed except the lactobacilli weren’t effected.  At 50% everything was. At 12.5% the lactobaclilli weren’t dying but they weren’t reproducing and at 10% everything was dying but the lacto bacilli were proliferating and this was published and western medical  physicians of gynecological nature were thought this was genius as we can apply this to any patient that comes in with any discharge whether it’s yeast or fungus and we can’t hurt them but there’s a high percentage of them that would be helped .  And there hospitals were so packed that they thoguut we can use this as a first line of defense and would weed out 80% and in a socialized medical system cheap is better. And in ’90 this went into the hospitals and I found it in 99.  And so this preparation that was used for skin alot became known as a gynecological preparation because it was so gentle to use and so effective and all they would have to do is to increase it to 20% and it would be stronger but you’re not being mindful of Lacto bacilli.

Now the reason I bring this up is because.  A few years later around 1995 in the manufacturing plant there’s the area where they are cooking the medicine as a water extraction and then doing the oil extraction separately. There’s a clean room that the herbal medication is piped through and they can take batch samples out in a clean way without disturbing the sanitation of the just cooked herbal tea of this formula and do testing to make sure very specific amounts of herbal components are present. For She Chuang Zi there’s an acidiform (?)spike that has to be there for hospitals to know that they will have the same effect with every patient. So there’s a couple of guys there who were skimming off a bit for themselves and using it and one guy who had a horrible periodontal problem and it rectified. And so, they had never considered it as an oral preparation except for the little oompa loompa guy skimming a little off the top and so word gets out about this…I don’t know if these guys got to keep their job or not, but the comany decide to make an herbal prep of this prepare an oral formula and so they remove Cang Zhu and add in more Bo He (mint) and then add in Stevia and glycerin and the glycerine allows it to stay on the gums longer and it’s pre-diluted so the user doesn’t have to do any measuring as there are proprio bacteria in the oral cavity just like the vaginal cavity that shouldn’t’ be disturbed in most cases and so anything more than 10% dilution  can disturb that.  And so Boom…you’ve got Yin-care Oral prep.