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Can be deeply wounding for women with hysterectomies. How do they hold themselves and feel for themselves about decisions they have made they don’t feel that happy about. Some may still carry trauma from unwanted surgeries – c-sections. The freezing of the cells etc. this may be very emotional one. Acknowledge and clear the debris the emotion otherwise makes difficult to move forward with your practitioner – you may harbor rage towards this or the practitioner. Have good healing resources…a healing journey for the womb as well as outside playwork – videos or processes or outside meditations to work witht his. If tears come up, how can they move throught his particular module and class in the next week.

  • Grounding
  • Beginning of next class (no more than 10 mins) – Sharing with one another about their experience with not trusting themselves and going against their better judgement
  • Vulnerability – a place where we often want to close and shut the door – do not want to go into vulnerability. Quotes – it is in this allowing and diving in where we can receive the most transformation
  • Avoiding – shame and guilt around our choices, around allowing physicians/practitioners to do things to us that had repercussions that were unhealthy? How many can relate? It doesn’t have to be a womb related choice …now how many can think of choices around your womb.
  • Let’s go a little deeper, let’ look at our original relationship to our womb, to our menstrual cycle. What are the core messages we are receiving. (It’s messy, it’s challenging to deal with, it’s dirty, it’s painful).
  • Let’s reframe that for ourselves – Womb Intelligence, Womb Wisdom – An incubator for balance.
  • Meditation to touch in with your womb
  • Daily Blessing
  • Affirmations


  • Live Q & A – Thursday
  • Friday – Special interview with …

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Journal your reflections on your relationship with western medicine and how you have come to trust your doctors and providers.  How much control do they have over your decision making (scale of 1-10) and why. Is that different now than it has been in the past? What changed it?

What things in your life related to doctors are reinforcing that you “should” be trusting them.

How have you over-ridden your own inner knowing.

Is there any point in your life when you have specifically over-ridden your own inner voice?

How did it feel to ignore it? Why did you?

What do you wish to say to your womb space and your own inner knowing about moving forward and creating a new relationship?

Write a letter to your health care provider that you feel participated in a situation that harmed you. Tell them everything you are feeling – burn it

Write a letter to yourself forgiving yourself for any choices you are still resenting and release your prisoners….

Daily Blessing 



Deya Dova – Myth of the Cave: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5mzlas5hcc