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Module 1: Overview

This module will focus on trust between ourselves and our care providers while putting a microscope on how we do or don’t trust ourselves. We will learn what the foundations are for trust and develop the ability to dissect where trust is lacking. Additionally, we will also observe the many ways in which we have been and are gas-lit into trusting our providers without trusting our better judgement. Finally, we will begin the journey of discerning circumstances where we may better be able to choose our own health. In this module you will learn the following useful skills and practices:

  • Grounding
  • Medical phrases that make us feel trusting towards care providers
  • The financial ties we have through insurance and how those can manipulate our choice points
  • How we have been gaslit/deceived
  • Reinforced lack of trust – Men “buck up”, Women “your emotional/hytericcal/in your head.”
  • Our learned fearful behavior of the natural world
  • (fearful concepts and terminology that the docs will do – fear based decision making – the longer you leave it in or in order to take care of it we have to go over and above – my body might need those parts etc – not related to docs agenda)
  • Medicine vs. Complementary/Alternative
  • Our fear of dying
  • What is trust? (two definitions)
  • Meditation to reconnect with our womb space – saying “hello” and getting reacquainted


  • Monday: Live talk
  • Thursday: Live Q&A
  • Friday: Special interview with …