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Minivan to Magic Bubble Bus

Jun 5, 2012 | Blog, Parenting, Personal | 0 comments

It wasn’t my idea. I have to give credit to a friend in my women’s circle, Tami. She was sharing one evening that when things got all blocked up with traffic and she and the her children were stuck in the car, their solution was to pull out bubbles and blow them out the window. I was so excited to try this. There is a major stretch of traffic on the Tiburon peninsula that I Iive on and must travel down in the mornings that I take the children to school. All the people not traveling by ferry out of Tiburon to San Francisco are trying to leave Tiburon for other major freeways or drop their kids off at the 3 schools stretched along the 2 lane road along the length of the peninsula and all the people trying to leave Tiburon by ferry are coming into town going the other way. So pretty backed up going both directions

We are in the car at 7:50am unless…someone forgot their back pack or another forgot their jacket or another didn’t finish their breakfast and left it on the table…ok we’re all in the car now at maybe 7:55am and school starts at 8:30am, but you would be shocked…it does take most of that time to drive the 5 miles distance between our apartment and the school. So, says I, “how about instead of I Spy we blow bubbles!” “No”, “No”, ”No”, say the three little buggers I am shuttling to school. I know you can’t imagine any children not wanting to do something that the Mom wants to do. I mean they worship our every idea, right? Hahahahaha! So I decided I would do it.

I open the bubbles and pull out the wand, roll down my window and into the misty foggy bay area day go a schlew of bubbles behind us bouncing through the air and crashing into the Mercedes, BMW’s, and many other fancy vehicles traveling the Tiburon peninsula. Part of me thought, “oh no, these people might get all mad at me because the bubbles might mess up their windows.” You wouldn’t believe the times people have honked their horn in fury at me over I don’t know what. But I just kept blowing. The kids faces began to light up, I mean whose face wouldn’t. Rainbow shimmering bubbles EVERYWHERE! It was awesome! Of course then the No’s turned into “My turn.” “No I want to go next”, “No me”!!! So the entire way between Tiburon and Mill Valley we blew and we blew. We all voted that Maury, my middle guy, was the best. He could somehow get the wand positioned to take advantage of the natural breeze created by our car moving forward and the soap magically became millions of bubbles.

We couldn’t see the faces in other people’s cars, but we hoped that the same joy and laughter that was filling our car was passed on to the masses following us, bringing out their inner child and setting them up for a day of HAPPY TIMES. Thank you Tami great idea! One warning, bubbles may spill. So don’t venture this direction if you have a problem with bubble spillage in the car or if you worry about the bubbles that don’t make it out and pop within the care or drip down the sides of the windows. Come with tissues or paper towels, a maybe? Super worth it! I hope you give this a try and I want to hear your experience. What are your secrets to hamming it up, becoming uninhibited and unstructured…busting a move? Please share!

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