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Episode 16

Does Your Wardrobe Reflect Your Old Life Pre-Divorce or Other Life Challenge? Learn Authentic Style (The New You Series)

June 12, 2014

This episode is going to perk you up and drain your drab. Michelle Vos will speak to how to get that newer MV_FacebookBanner1 (4)stronger empowered you that you feel emerging on the inside, reflecting on the outside. Her incredible skill as a style expert and ability to connect deeper on a spiritual level will be a whole new approach to style that you’ve never experienced, and you will come out of this interview knowing both why things weren’t working for you in your clothing and some quickie basics on how to begin touching into your authentic style. Let this episode inspire a little clutter clearing in your closet and enlivening your experience interacting with the new and old people in your life in a way that shares the true YOU! The one that is reaching for more joy and love and freedom!

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About Michelle Vos

Michelle Vos is the creator of the Authentic Signature Style™ process, and is a master at tapping into who you are, and how to have others “get you,” your value, and your credibility. As a Certified Coach, Personal Stylist, Personal Branding Strategist and Speaker she helps women step into their NEW life with greater presence, purpose and clarity. With clients in 13 countries Michelle’s Authentic Style work attracts women who often (quietly) admit they know they are meant for big things. The next step in their evolution is to examine not only their wardrobe, but to increase the powerful energy they radiate so their ideal clients, perfect mate, or circle of influence see and hear their authenticity clearly and immediately. www.MichelleVos.com OR www.authenticstyleexpert.com

About Margaret Jacobson

After 17 years of marriage and 3 children, Margaret Jacobson divorced. The processView More: http://donh.pass.us/margaret-jacobsen and the pain of discovering that divorce was her best choice were arduous. Margaret had to summon the strength to haul her booty out of her ex’s family home and commute 60 miles each day to see her children. Through her personal transformation, Margaret created a well-rounded approach to empowering herself through mental, physical, emotional and spiritual behavior changes. She has a BA in Neuroscience, and a MA in Health Services Administration. Margaret is a certified Wellness Coach and has completed a 2-year women’s empowerment program in the Dianic Aloha tradition. At present, Margaret is Acting Minister of the Interior of YAO Company, a company that provides pure simple Chinese medicine for those who want a holistic approach to health and wellness. Margaret regularly writes for The Mother Rising blog, and the YourTango Experts page. Margaret is our very own creator of The Mother Rising radio show!

Notes & Resources

I loved this episode with Michelle.  For sure a MUST listen.  I feel like there was so much more that we didn’t get to. Maybe another show?  Michelle and I are scheming up some fun packages for the post-divorce authentic style low down! Stay tuned!

7/11/14 – We referenced this show AGAIN yesterday on Preparing For the First Date!  Michelle we all need this.  What great work you do!

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