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Never Going Back – Going Gluten Free


COMING SOON – This excellent 2 hour recorded in person course from May 19, 2013 has content that serves anyone who is considering going gluten free or simply wanting to take initial steps in creating greater awareness of their food intake.  It additionally assists those who consider themselves already gluten free in angles of course correction  to be more in alignment with a true gluten free lifestyle.

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Recorded at what was formerly known as The Record Plant in Sausalito, California (now called Harmonia) where Fleetwood Mac recorded the Rumours album, Margaret took Lindsey Buckingham's song from that album "Never Going Back" as a perfect descriptor of her relationship with gluten once she removed it from her life. This live in person lecture has some fantastic conversations with the participants regarding real life scenarios/challenges with making dietary changes.
In this lecture you will learn
  • How Margaret reversed her Hashimoto's Hypo-thyroiditis blood panels through removing gluten as well as several other items from her diet
  • Why one would consider going gluten free
  • The healthiest ways to go gluten free
  • Ways to remove gluten or other foods in steps in ways that are gentle and loving but supportive of the end goal of removal....making it ultimately DOABLE!
  • Removing gluten when you are cooking for a family who is NOT gluten-free
  • How to read labels related to gluten free items - what to look out for
  • Sneaky places where gluten lurks
  • Finding replacements
  • Gluten free, dairy free & egg free
  • Local places in that particular region that featured on the go options for ordering within this dietary construct
  • How to navigate non-grain based alcohols to have a safely gluten free social drink with friends, family or work colleagues
Margaret employs tools of Wellcoaching and inspiration that will assist the listener in processing  how this could actually work for them in their life by breaking  down with each of the participants what some of the first next best steps they could take as action steps towards better health. Empowering, though provoking and informative!


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