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Radical responsibility – Blame Free Zone

Mar 12, 2022 | Blog, Parenting, Spiritual, Yin-care | 0 comments

When I was raising my kids, we had a phrase I would use. Our house was a BLAME FREE ZONE. As you can imagine – that meant that anything and everything that came up they had to own. When they would start to falter and go into a, “Well, I couldn’t do that because I had too much homework.” or whatever – I would correct them and make sure they understood that they didn’t do X, Y or Z because they did not make time to do it along with their homework.

The same goes for grown ups!  You don’t get to blame mis-information or that you were told one thing or another or that you were forced to do something because of your job.  YOU STILL CHOSE TO DO IT! And guess what – we get to hold you responsible for NOT educating yourselves about a choice you made that maybe you feel now was not the “right” choice. Yes – I am tip-toeing around it – but here goes…

We have held you doctors, you MD’s up in society. We have held your way of seeing, your way of knowing, your way of interpreting as the Gold standard. You have enjoyed the blanket prestige we have awarded you over the many years. The respect for your many years of schooling.  The financial success you have achieved is a reflection of this as well.  But here’s the deal – with great respect comes greater responsibility. Seems like many of you did NOT do your own homework. Where many docs have been censored and speaking out about the science related to the jabs and C-19 not being decided and then that there is NEW science and calling out falsified science – there are WAY more of you who not only did nothing – you totally just went along with what your hospital protocols have been or what certain agencies said you should or should not do. REALLY? We trusted you?

So here’s the status quo – you do NOT have our trust. We are done. You now have to humble yourselves and go back and earn it back IF you are lucky. And I have news for you – you may not be so lucky.

So all of you reading this who are docs – you need to start holding yourselves accountable. What did or didn’t you do? What excuses did you give yourself and others? How are you going to make amends for your actions?

For all of you on the other end – the patients – the recipients of this truly reckless care…how are you going to start holding your doctors accountable for their actions?  Question them! Do not be shy about this. These are major major fuck ups! Life-threatening fuck ups!

For those of you who are other types of providers…how have you bought into all this dream spell bullshit or not? How have or have you not supported your patients? How are you going to now re-create what is known as healthcare? Did you go into the profession because it’s just interesting and “cool” or are you fully committed – because I have news for you. It’s ON now. You don’t get to just sit around and go by the whims of western medicine. You need to act as a real and true healing professional. Your integrity is totally on the line. How will you respond to being radically responsible for your actions?

Many blessings,

Margaret, Yin-care®’s Mother Rising

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