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Using Yin-Care®’s Herbal Wash during pregnancy

Mar 3, 2016 | Blog, Pregnancy, Wellness, Yin-care | 0 comments

The most important thing about pregnancy is for you to be in tune with what is right for YOU while you are pregnant. If you are concerned in any way shape or form about the use of ANYTHING…then just don’t use it! A woman always knows what is going to be right for her by using her own intuition

Now that we have that communicated, Yin-care®’s Herbal Wash is routinely used during pregnancy at the 10% dilution for damp and damp heat conditions throughout pregnancy WITH the guidance of a practitioner familiar with the uses and applications of Yin-care®’s Herbal Wash.  If you have specific questions about western medical diagnosed conditions such as the use of Yin-care®’s Herbal Wash with Group B Strep or even other more general use during pregnancy, we are working on a link for you to be able to easily find a practitioner. If you are unable to easily find this link on our website, please email us on our contact us page.

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