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Happy Spring Equinox…Time to Create!

Mar 25, 2014 | Blog, Moon, Spiritual, Yin-care | 0 comments

(Originally published March 30, 2013)

The essence of Spring…rain, sun, earth…the rainbows and lovely small blossoms and new little shoots on trees.  It has both this thrilling exciting energy that makes me want to start dancing and yet I have these moments that are filled with uncontrollable IMG_3862sobbing with hot tears streaming down my face.  It’s like this beautiful little piece of insanity.  And I really do love it.

Feeling Spring

I have a good relationship with my emotions and allow my body to be sort of a playground for them to mess around on.  And like any good animated playground (because there are so many animated playgrounds, right?), I have learned to find joy in the stomping, jumping, climbing, swinging, and WEEEEE the sliding!  So when a flash of emotion hits…BAM, I’m there with it.

Sometimes I allow myself a brief moment to start my pity party.  “Really, Margaret! Crying again.  Another night of this? ”  or “Seriously, how many tissues can you use?” I am quick to cut the drama talk though and just go into the experience, because really, that’s why being human is so cool, right?  We get to FEEL it.  And as women, we get to soften into feeling it in a different way than a man would. We simply hold it differently.  We have different playground equipment than a man and the dance of the emotions on our playground will not be the same.  So the sadness that bubbles to the surface, for me, is beautiful.  I know that the opening I am allowing to unfold inside my heart is simply scar tissue opening like a crusted desert to a healing rain.  I can feel parts of my heart center cracking open to the nurturing power of love.  I am convinced that the tears are actually carving out the grand canyon of vessels to hold joy within me.

Spring Symbolically and Energetically

photoSo Spring Equinox offers balance but in a different way than the Fall Equinox.  It has this momentum pulling us outward, whereas the essence of the Fall Equinox pulls us inward.  Of course, if you live in the Southern hemisphere, you will be experiencing the opposite of what I am writing. The egg pictured here is perfectly balanced on my dining room table as of this morning.  Supposedly only on the Equinoxes and some say on Solstices the egg can be balanced, though I have never attempted it on any other day.  The egg is a lovely symbol of creative life force and Spring and the essence of this outward energy.  If this were a chick, it’s not going to stay inward in hibernation.  It’s going to BUST out of that thing, right? The egg contains all the nutrients within it to sustain the baby chick until it is fully ready IMG_3727to crack the shell open.  As a fact of life, some baby chicks won’t access/absorb/assimilate all the nutrients and will therefore not have enough energy or be fully developed enough to crack the egg open and they will die. Just the cycle of life. What barriers do you want to break down? Have you accessed the nurturing energy of Winter and your last years’ efforts to propel you forward? What do you wish to create?

Intentional Creation in harmony with the Seasonal Cycle of Spring

Spring Equinox is a really great time to begin becoming in touch with the cycle of the year, the cycles of the seasons.  Spring Equinox is the perfect time to set your intentions for creation for the year.  By setting them now you are working more in harmony with the seasons than just starting at the New Year of the solar calendar.  I have written about how we photo-3harness the energy from the dying back of the moon to fuel us forward in the cycle of the new moon to full moon, and I will always encourage monthly intentions based on the waxing and waning of the moon, but here you can learn to work deeper on a yearly seasonal cycle scale. I have included an exercise for you below.  You can do this anytime within the next week or two, but DO take time to sit down and do it.  I don’t want you to get hung up on the fact that you are maybe not doing it on the exact Equinox.  We rarely take time to sit down and touch deep within us to see what we want to create so just making ANY time to do this is fabulous.

  1. Focus on 3 things you want to create and once you have a really strong sense of what you want to create, write them down.
  2. Once you have written them down, find a quiet place where you can sit with them for a few minutes.
  3. Close your eyes and go to a place within where you may be able to deepen your understanding of what you have written that you IMG_3836want to create.
  4. Next, you are going to intensify this by visualizing them one by one. Go through them one by one with steps 5 -7
  5. Visualize what you want to create in front of your third eye.  Your third eye is that space between your eyebrows.  See your creation unfolding before you.
  6. Now, imagine you have a TV screen on the back of your neck and transfer what you just saw yourself create to be playing on this TV screen.  So you see it playing by the back of your brain.
  7. When you feel like you’ve watched that particular thing you wish to create and it has sunk into your psyche, then close with something like “so be it,” or whatever you feel most comfortable saying. Repeat steps 5-7 with each of your three things you wish to create.
  8. photo-1Take the written things you wish to create and put them in a special place.  You can go back to them in Winter when it is a good time to meditate and reflect back on them, but for now don’t even focus on them at all from this time until Winter.  Just let it rest. You have done some deep creative seed planting. Just watch it grow organically.

Watch Your Thoughts

I know I mentioned this in my This Just zIN blog, but it is worth repeating. Our thoughts are powerful. powerful, powerful forces in our creation, and since you are placing into your body/mind/heart your desires to create, it is an especially important time to look at your thoughts.  Much of our work in understanding our thoughts is really getting deeper into our beliefs that are behind our thoughts.  Here’s that Louise Hays Affirmation once again,

Every thought I think is creating my future…The universe totally supports every thought I think and BELIEVE…I have unlimited choices about what I choose to think…I choose balance, harmony and peace and I express it in my life.

So watch your thoughts and begin to feel your beliefs.  You may be thinking your thoughts (applying the gas pedal to move forward), but your beliefs, almost unbeknownst to you, are putting the brakes on.  So as you propel towards the Summer Solstice from now, create an awareness of your thoughts harnessed by your beliefs.

Been locked out of Heaven

Gotta leave you with something fun! That’s right…As I come into Spring, I feel a bit like Bruno Mars.  Like I’ve been locked out of heaven for so loooooong! I just LOVE this song.  It really has that celebratory sense with a bit of a feeling of desperation for pleasure at points where the crescendo builds and the harkening back to the rhythms of the Police.  Ahhhh. love this.  Happy Solstice!



In Powerful and Pleasurable Creative Journeys,

Margaret, Yin-care®’s Mother Rising


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