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Episode 23

Powerful and Feminine – finding Your Center Through Feminine Presence (Self-Care Series)

August 7, 2014

This was our first episode on Self-Care in our series throughout August that focused on Self Care (by the way…we extended this series into September because we can’t get enough self-care now can we?) Description below…

Now that you are recreating yourself anew, how do you express your newly forming powerful presence to your old community and the new one you are creating? How do you bring your powerful femininity to the dating arena? In this first show in The Mother Rising’s August series on Self-Care I will talk to Rachael Jayne Groover author of Powerful and Feminine and Founder of The Art of Feminine Presence. Rachael Jayne’s experience in the dating arena and as a performer has allowed her to look at how to employ natural ways of being in a woman’s body…being in our true femininity. Instead of forcing an unnatural way of expressing power in ways society has shown us that are very masculine, we will learn that relaxing into our femininity not only cares for ourselves and who we are as women, but also cares for ourselves as individuals. Her techniques transform how we attract new love, new careers, new clients and MORE!

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Guest Information

About Rachael Jayne Groover

Rachael Jayne Groover is the author of the best-selling book “Powerful and Feminine: How to Increase your Magnetic Presence and Attract the Attention You Want.” As an accomplished singer/songwriter from Australia, Rachael Jayne was most fascinated with why some performers had an incredible stage presence, while others, who might have been technically brilliant, did not. She realized that anyone could learn the key factors that create “stage presence” in a performer, and use them to stand out, be seen, and inspire others in any situation. Overcoming stage-fright and enormous fear of rejection, she became an award-winning vocalist, before making the leap to live in the USA and becoming an inspirational speaker and personal development trainer. She now travels the world teaching women how to increase their personal presence, their feminine energy, and their vocal power, so they can walk into any room and be seen and heard in the way they want

About Margaret Jacobson

After 17 years of marriage and 3 children, Margaret Jacobson divorced. The processView More: http://donh.pass.us/margaret-jacobsen and the pain of discovering that divorce was her best choice were arduous. Margaret had to summon the strength to haul her booty out of her ex’s family home and commute 60 miles each day to see her children. Through her personal transformation, Margaret created a well-rounded approach to empowering herself through mental, physical, emotional and spiritual behavior changes. She has a BA in Neuroscience, and a MA in Health Services Administration. Margaret is a certified Wellness Coach and has completed a 2-year women’s empowerment program in the Dianic Aloha tradition. At present, Margaret is Acting Minister of the Interior of YAO Company, a company that provides pure simple Chinese medicine for those who want a holistic approach to health and wellness. Margaret regularly writes for The Mother Rising blog, and the YourTango Experts page. Margaret is our very own creator of The Mother Rising radio show!

Notes & Resources

On this show, I was joined for the first time by Pamela Elaine Nichols as my Co-Host of The Mother Rising.  Pamela Elaine was interviewed by me in June during our New You series.  You can listen to that episode here in order to get to know her a bit better.  It was a a little crazy as for the FIRST time ever, I kept getting bumped off the air…so Pamela Elaine handled it beautifully. Rachael Jayne was gracious and we all had to go into our center, our home within our womb space to really stay calm and firmly present (listen to the episode to learn what in the world I am talking about).  Rachael Jayne also did an amazing job of demonstrating the difference between being centered and NOT.  You can HEAR it.  She went into what she terms the “head bubble” instead of grounding herself in her womb space.

How do you know you’re in your feminine energy?  It feels more like you are connecting in your hips and down your legs as opposed to in your upper chest or arms (more masculine) and for Rachael Jayne she feels the corners of her mouth curling up in a smile.

Going to Mediation or Court – Here are Rachael Jayne’s Tips from the Show:

Her advice for going to court or mediation, practice her techniques when the stakes aren’t high…with friends and family, as the more you practice the more you will just reside there.  It can be hard to get there once you are already feeling “worried” or attacked.

  1. So get centered in your womb space (you can get her book Powerful and Feminine  and learn her techniques to get there.
  2. Then she says to speak louder.  That the message of your loud voice sends confidence back to your brain.  So not only are you convincing others you are confident, but yourself. She says men tend to speak louder in general so she recommends turning it up a notch.
  3. Lastly, feel your heart energy.  Thinking of something or someone you love…a small animal or child that warms your heart. Now practice feeling that without smiling.  Just holding that powerful love in your chest/heart center and stay serious.

Rachael Jayne’s New Awaken TV:

Be sure to check out her new Awaken TV! Check out Episode 1.

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