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Glad Rags Day Pad Moderate Flow


Looking for another option besides disposable pads or tampons? These awesome panty liners are excellent!

  • GladRags reusable Day Pads are best for moderate flow
  • As absorbent as an extra-long maxi pad
  • Customizable absorbency – includes 1 holder and two inserts
  • Cloth menstrual pads, made with 100% cotton fabric
  • Approx. 11″ long, 3″ wide (when wings are snapped)

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Glad Rags day pads have been a staple for us at Yin-care® for over 10 years. They are so soft and incredibly absorbent. Their sleek design functions seamlessly with underwear and looks like nothing extra is there under your clothes!  Additionally, using 100% cotton pads allows for greater air flow and a healthier vaginal ecology!

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  • Need lighter coverage? Check out Glad Rags Panty Liners.
  • Looking for something that is NOT a pad? Be sure to check out the Glad Rag Menstrual Cups.


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