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Menstrual Calendar Journal by Kapu


You are going to love this calendar!   There is just no other way to describe this than AMAZING! I have used apps to track my cycle, this cyclical calendar truly blows them all out of the water.  If you are looking for a tool to connect with your uterus and cervix on a practical and spiritual level this is simply a MUST HAVE.  This large 12″ X 12″ sturdy spiral bound journal gives plenty of space to sprawl out your creative cyclical data gathering.

  • Four customizable pages for each month— a circular calendar to track the intricacies of your cycle, lined paper to write your new moon wishes or monthly intentions, graph paper to track your basal body temperature, and blank paper for your creativity
  • Herbal remedies for a healthy cycle
  • Information regarding the physiology, hormones and strengths associated with each of the four menstrual phases—menstruation, pre-ovulation, ovulation, and pre-menstruation
  • Dietary and herbal information to support you in each menstrual phase
  • A cycle dial to give you a snapshot of where you’ll be in your cycle throughout the month
  • Written and illustrated examples of how to use this resource

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My daughter and I started using this several years ago and we are head over heals in love with it.  It gives us the amazing language to use to communicate with one another. Learn how to recognize and track your body's fertility signs and how to use the strengths of each phase of your cycle--menstruation, ovulation, etc. -- to your advantage. Track your cycle, change your life..

  1. Creates connection with your body
  2. Creates connection with the forces of nature within and without
  3. Creates connection with other women and community

Other reasons that you may want this amazing calendar -

  • You aren’t on hormonal birth control or are coming off of it and you want to gain awareness around your cycle and fertility.
  • You want to track your body’s fertility signs so you can either avoid or achieve pregnancy. 
  • You simply want to get to better know your own monthly cycles



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