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Menstrual Blood Divorce Therapy

Menstrual Blood Divorce Therapy

I know, it sounds ludicrous, and to be perfectly honest, it probably is! I just rediscovered this image that you are seeing here. I painted - "My Divorce, Embracing Transformation" with a butterfly. Now I have no clue whatever happened to this painting, but what I do...

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Sunbathing post-melanoma

Sunbathing post-melanoma

It’s true. I lay in the sun almost every day for about 10 minutes. And it's also true that at the age of 31, I was diagnosed with having a melanoma on my shoulder. It's an absolute commitment to expose my skin here in Wyoming especially during the winters. Parking...

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Yin-care®’S Supreme Oral Care SOLD OUT

Yin-care®’S Supreme Oral Care SOLD OUT

Yin-care®’S Supreme Oral Care SOLD OUT Yes – very sad, but true…Yin-care®’s Supreme Oral Care is sold out. Unfortunately with the difficult political situation between the UNITED STATES and CHINA, we are unable to obtain more of this amazing product at this time. We...

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