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Happy Full Moon!

Feb 26, 2013 | Blog, Moon, Personal, Spiritual | 0 comments

It’s so exciting to be able to welcome all of you into our first official days of Spring! I know, I know… it maybe still feels like Winter, but actually the Silhouette of Young Woman Doing Yogaenergy now has transitioned into Spring.  This Full Moon signifies the onset of the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Water Snake.  Say goodbye to the Year of the Dragon!  There was a lot of growth and transformation for me personally this last year that wasn’t always comfortable, so I look forward to the experience of this New Year and all of the  exciting potential it holds and getting to experience it right along with YOU!

For those following more of the Western Astrology, the current Full Moon (Feb. 25th) is in Virgo and moving later this week into Libra.  The moon travels every 2 1/2 days into a new sign.

What does that mean for you and why bother understanding?

Well, it has been my experience that these planetary energies actually do play a role in how we are feeling and interpreting everything happening in our earthly lives.  It’s like saying that you walk into a memorial service and can not be affected by the feelings and energy of the mourning transpriing around you. You will feel the effects of it.  Some days you have more ability than others to create boundaries around the influences of these changes.  Just like somedays we are able to not take things as personally in our interactions with others.  It’s the same thing.

The intensity of the planets can sometimes be so powerful and overwhelming in its’ affect on our outlook and interaction with our lives that it can cause a real downer of a day.  And sometimes it can cause the opposite!  If you are interested in learning more about the way the Moon moves through these cycles and what qualities each sign holds energetically, you can get yourself a very cool guide called the We’ Moon.  Both working with the moon’s cycle and creating an awareness of the astrological cycles are both great tools with which to begin to work.  It helps to create a sense of the mindful observer.  We can step back from our lives and get that bird’s eye view.

Nature Cycles and the Moon

One of the coolest things that I truly enjoy about following the moon cycle is how it connects me to nature and also to the cycles of life on our planet.  Each cycle, the Moon goes through a death, the waning of the moon into the darkness, and then the New Moon leading us into the fullness and height of creation, Full Moon, then back into the dark and death. It’s a reflection of so many cycles we witness as humans.  I just LOVE it.

So what does a Full Moon mean?

It’s a time to harness all of the creative energy that you have formed since the last full moon. Think in terms of recycling, reusing what had been created in another form, or, if you are a gardener and enjoy composting, think of it in terms of how compost fuels growth. The last time the moon was full (Jan. 26), you took all that good energy of completion of the previous cycle and it decomposed as the moon waned and got smaller.  As it waned, you began to set seeds of intentions, ideas of things you were going to do, things you wanted to create.  When you reached the New Moon on Feb. 9, these intentions and ideas of creation began to grow.  We can reflect right now on the fact that more than likely you had some sense of creating a resolution for the “solar” New Year of 2013 within the last cycle or two of the moon.  So where are you now?

Full Moon Exercise

The Mother Rising is all about making long lasting changes in our lives that continually move us closer and closer to our own greatest sense of whole health and wellness.  I believe that connecting with nature and creating daily routines or rituals or ongoing ways of checking in help to anchor our sense of where we are headed in our lives.  This Full Moon exercise does just that.

Take a moment to reflect back over the last cycle of the moon, roughly 28 days or since we are so close to the beginning of 2013, reflect back to your New Year’s Resolutions/Intentions/Aspirations.

  • What has transpired in your life?  Did you end relationships, develop new ones? Accomplish something exciting, end something…begin something? Was it a time that just felt very fallow to you?
  • What was the learning for you during this time?
  • Now take these bits and pieces and allow yourself to imagine all of the deep learning from your experiences transforming in a cauldron, a fire, whatever visual works for you.  And letting all that beautiful wisdom seep into your spirit and into your physical body.
  • Accept all that you have done thus far since the beginning of 2013.  All that you have learned.  Now hold this learning in gratitude in your heart. Feel the deep learning and transformation seeping deep inside you and preparing to compost into your spirit and create a thriving energy that will prepare you to move forward.
  • Now take a moment to visualize what your heart desires most to transpire over this next moon cycle. Hold it in your heart…feel this visual within you of where you want to take yourself next.
  • Hold gratitude for the time you are taking to set this intention and for the energy the universe will bring you in moving things forward in this direction
  • Lastly…take all that lovely fuel from the last moon cycle and feed it to this new intention.

Note that many people like to take the beginning of the New Moon cycle to start their new intention.  I like to think that birth actually starts with a death.  A death is like crossing a threshold into a new part of your life.  So as the moon is “dying”, waning, getting smaller, you are simultaneously creating a rich soil to fuel your next cycle of intentions and also allowing for the formulation of the creation of those intentions to come forward. If weather permits, keep checking in with the moon at night time.  Watch the time it rises and falls in the sky and watch the course it takes across the sky as well.

Now sit back, relax and watch the magyk that can happen!

In joy and beauty,

Margaret Jacobson
Yin-care®’s Mother Rising

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