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Episode 07

Foundations for Creating Self-Esteem

April 10, 2014

This episode is for everyone no matter what stage of mar-smalldivorce or life crisis who feels alone and alienated. Feeling as if you are all by yourself and have been left out of the pack, like you simply can’t relate to anyone else. Others don’t understand you nor do they want to. When we are going through life crises such as divorce, one of the sure fire things that happens is this sense of feeling alone. The feeling can in many ways stimulate a lot of introspection and growth; however, it can also become debilitating. Listen in to discover how you can work with this sense of feeling isolated, create new community, work with your fears and worries by employing forgiveness and gratitude and get clarity on the dynamics of this state so that you can feel empowered to create a steady stream of successes that will build your self-esteem!

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