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Yin-care®’S Supreme Oral Care SOLD OUT

Yin-care®’S Supreme Oral Care SOLD OUT Yes – very sad, but true…Yin-care®’s Supreme Oral Care is sold out. Unfortunately with the difficult political situation between the UNITED STATES and CHINA, we are unable to obtain more of this amazing product at this time....

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The New You Series

I am just thrilled to compile the shows into categories for all of you listeners.  The month of June was THE NEW YOU series and it was a smashing success!  We covered everything from creating the New You energetically through daily clearing work with Belinda...

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Bloom – Poem by Margaret

For those of you who were interested in seeing the poem that I shared during THE FREEDOM SHOW (July 3,2013) – The Anniversary Show (Ex-Aversary, that is) – Keys to Understanding Your Freedoms In The Face of Adversity, and leisurely letting the intense vulnerability...

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Just a Spoon Full of Sugar…

It's hard for me to describe all of the intricacies of why I LOVE Mary Poppins.  There's the way she makes everything no big deal.  There's the way she turns everything around so children and adults alike don't know which way is up.  There's the HAPPY HAPPY music....

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